Snowmaking in progress at Nakkertok

While there is reasonable snow coverage on all the 2024 Nationals courses, we are using the present weather to build up our snow insurance coverage! 

You can’t rely on Mother Nature anymore…

The 2024 Nordiq Canada Ski Nationals Organizing Committee is working hard to provide the best courses possible despite the low snow conditions that are rampant across N. America these days. 

The Nakkertrak still has a good base but it needs to be taken care and the plan is to extend the snowmaking to the full FIS-homologated 3.75 km course. The additional snowmaking is being done over a total of 72 hours as long as it will be cold enough in the coming days. For those who are more familiar with the racing trails network, parts of the courses that will benefit among others of snowmaking will be Montee McCarthy, Jackrabbit Hill, Boulevard, and Plateau. 

We have no concerns about having great ski conditions available for the event.