Urban trails

We encourage athletes to consider training at some of the other ski trails in the area, particularly on non-race days, to ease congestion at the site.

In Ottawa there are five, free, groomed urban trails that can provide relatively flat, recovery ski terrain, but current weather trends will likely mean they are unavailable. Urban trail conditions are available on Nordic-Pulse.com

Other options could be the Kanata Ski Club in the west end of Ottawa and Nakkertok Val des Monts, which is about 20 minutes north of the Championship’s site.

Probably the area with the best skiing options will be Gatineau Park, in the higher sections around the Old Chelsea sector. The Park is the site of the famous Gatineau Loppet. They list their trail conditions as well as parking lot availability on their website. Day passes are required.

We hope you enjoy your stay in the Ville de Gatineau and take advantage of the many skiing opportunities in the Outaouais.